What is a Surcharge?

Every now and again, our couriers find a parcel brought to their depot that isn’t quite what they expected. It could be larger than declared, for example, or heavier, or it could be packaged incorrectly and require repackaging.

The quotes we provide on our site are based on the parcel details you provide during the booking process. Therefore, if the courier finds that the package weighs or measures more than originally declared, or the courier has to take the time to repackage the item, the sender hasn’t paid the actual cost of the delivery.

For this reason, the courier issues an additional charge to the sender to cover the extra cost.

Disputing an Underpayment Charge

If you've been issued an underpayment charge that you have sufficient evidence to dispute, please complete the form below to confirm the declared measurements of your parcel along with any supporting evidence. We will then investigate your query with the courier and get back to you as soon as we've heard back.


Supplying photographic evidence e.g a photo of your parcel, will enable us to process your claim quicker, however if you do not have any evidence please click here.

If you have photographic evidence to submit, please click here.